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John harnesses more than 25 years of combined experiences and passion as a dynamic speaker, teacher, module designer, facilitator, trainer, product evangelist, international motivational speaker, life and investment coach. He acquired his degrees in Philosophy and Theology from St. Pius x Seminary (pastoral awardee) and UNIVERSITY OF STO. TOMAS (UST) respectively; trained in Pre-marital and Marital counseling from CEFAM in ATENEO de Manila and has been a retreat master for the graduating students of CSB - De La Salle University among others. As his tag line says: he is a certified, seasoned and well connected life coach.

  • Manila Philippines.
  • +63 915 833 9383, +63 932 5180 434

Out of the Labyrinth

Being seasoned in what a person does is the sweetest part of one's journey. John did life coaching even before he was aware of it. A freshman back in 1985, he went back to his elementary school teachers and asked them for slots so that he could talk to their students to which they delightedly allowed him. He went room to room teaching, coaching young kids about life. From the classrooms to the big universities, companies, Europe and back home, life coaching he does. --- His book "Buko Juice for the Thirsty Hearts" received outstanding reviews in the social media. His next books "Buko Juice for Warriors" and "Buko Juice for Parents" are set to the press anytime soon.

Life Coaching 97%
Career Consultant for OCW's 87%
Retreat Master 95%
Book Author 95%

Life Coaching

Win the most important game of all: the game of life. Life is short, stop wasting your time to trial-and-error ad infinitum. Jump start. Get the clarity of purpose you need.

Ready, Set, Goal!

A lot of people are still lost in the belief that life is a matter of luck so they don't take setting goals seriously. They are not yet convinced that they could have control over their lives. Goal setting is more of a science and art than simply an annual workshop. Goal setting is discovering our life's orbits in the path of the infinite and then finding the smartest, the most efficient ways to achieve them.

Build Your Team From the Inside

Get high-impact results for your team. Contemporary team building facilitations consist of of tiresome games, extravagant foods and exotic places but put a little attention on processing. Life Glyphs Pro helps you build your team from the inside with true to its nature facilitation.

Updated and Connected

Our life changing programs for you are constantly re-enforced by my team's continous evolution. We stay current with our expertise by attending seminars, training and acquiring certifications.

Financial Literacy Unbias

Our module: "The Economy of Blessings" looks deeper into our money blueprints and eliminates the hard coded BS (belief systems) that block the blessings out from entering our life system.

Fast support

Online coaching, over the phone, face to face, big and small team faciliations we do them with efficiency and excellence.

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  • Mental Toughness

    John Bejo

  • The Eschatology of Online Lies

    "keyboard warriors," online trolls who get paid per post to sway people's opinions through incendiary comments. (Source: Franco Francisco) 

    Sorry at medyo harsh po  ito.

    Alam nyo ba na hindi po natutuwa ang Diyos sa mga bobo at mga mangmang?
    God is merciful but does not want to dispense mercy all the time.
    He prefers to dispense medals, awards and recognitions.
    He prefers to be proud of His children.

    God is a God of WISDOM not of trickeries, lies and ignorance.
    Pag bobo ang isang tao, mas madali siyang mauto ng demonyo.
    In fact, God's people, prophets and even His own Son were victims
    Of fooled, easily-manipulated people.
    Sila iyong mga taong madaling maniwala sa FakeNews
    At nagpapakalat ng FakeNews.

    Sinasabi ng iba, "Eh biktima rin lang naman sila ng fakenews!"
    Parang kawawa nga sila, but remember,
    'Sloth or laziness' is also a sin, one of the 7 capital sins.
    Tamad mag isip, tamad mag research, tamad mag click ng search,
    Tamad mag aral kung ano ang tama at mali.
    Theirs is a deadly sin of convenience.
    Theirs is a subtle sin of idolatry: sa kanila mas sinasamba ang tao kaysa Katotohanan.
    Ang totoong biktima po ng fakenews ay ang Diyos mismo.

    At ito pa, hindi lang sa 'hindi natutuwa ang Diyos sa kanila,'
    Galit pa talaga ang Diyos sa kanila.
    In fact, the books in the Bible were written
    To combat fakenews.

    At the heart of fakenews is
    Lucifer, the father of ALL lies.

    So, paki sabi po mga kaibigan at kamag-anak nating mahilig sa fakenews,
    Especially doon sa mga kamag-anak at kaibigan nating
    Empleyado ng mga  fakenews manufacturers at nagsasabi na
    "hanap  buhay lang po ito,"
    "Kaaway po ninyo ang Diyos ng Katotohan!"

  • Parenting the Lost Generation

    John Bejo

    Nasaan na nga ba Tayo?
    Nasaan na  mga batang naglalaro sa kalye?
    mga habulan at halakhak
    umaalingaw-ngaw noon sa mga kalsada?
    mga guitara na pinag-papasapasahan
    mga kabataan sa gilid ng tulay?

    na ang mga batang makukulit
    Na umaakyat sa mga puno ni Tatang?
    Nasaan na ang mga gabing ang mga kabataan
    naliligo sa sinag ng buwan?

    Nasaan na, nasaan na nga ba tayo?

    This 3 hour lifeshop goes straight to the heart of parenting.
    Who is the lost generation?
    Why are we experiencing a sudden spike of suicide cases?
    Are we helpless?
    What do successful parents do that unsuccessful parents don't do?

    Book with us and let's create impacts in the lives of both parents and children.
    Parenting is a serious business, a very serious, that's we need each other.

    Let's build this nation and start where this nation stands on.
  • People Building: Wired to Connect

    coach John Bejo

    “Considering today’s economic landscape, it’s more important than ever for companies to have happy and productive employees. When employees are loyal and engaged in the company, profits are higher. Happy employees are also satisfied and feel a sense of accomplishment in their work. They like themselves and what they do, and they find satisfaction from their work – a sense that what they do is important and meaningful. Such feelings reduce stress, which is a major factor of productivity.”-  Dr. Donna LaMar Betsy Laney

    *photo ctt:

    Vision:  We envision individuals who live their essences, who understand their gifts as designed by the Almighty in building the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Objectives: This coaching lifeshop should:
    1.  Help participants eliminate their limiting beliefs about life, money and relationships.
    2.  Motivate the participants to live their lives to the fullest as designed by our loving God.
    3.  Provide them with the right tools, venue to experience them and a mastermind support group.

    Work translation

    Philosophy:  It is easy to be boring nowadays. It’s easy to say that, ‘I was not lucky,’ or ‘I don’t want that anyway,’ or ‘It’s not for me,’ or ‘I’m busy with other things.’ But the fact is, those words are proven to be those of excusers. The fact is, we were made to shine, to excel and to be witnesses of God’s unbounded abundance.

    Sadly, most people simply live their lives like seagulls along the seashores of life. They allowed their limiting beliefs to dictate how to dream and what to dream.

    In the past few decades however, highly productive and successful people have found a new meaning to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, “Ask, Believe, Received.” (Matthew 21:22) This word together with “I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly,’(Jn. 10:10) vibrated with the words of several great minds of both ancient and modern times. The result is life changing – We can make our futures and we have the tools to make them possible.
    The tools: We have 3 powerful tools: Science, the Bible and personal experiences of the facilitators themselves. And the best news is: they all work.
    The process: The atmosphere of the workshop should be homely. If possible, we should eliminate anything that connotes work, classroom setup and inconvenience. This is possible with the physical arrangement of the training area. We’ll have life changing talks, sharing and meaningful activities. The approach will be personal, encouraging, convincing, entertaining at times and most especially intelligent.
    Sustainability: This should set the tone for  our long journey towards self-actualization. After the session, participants can consult the Life Coach for more individualized program.

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  • Relationship Wellness: Teach Me How to Love You

    Life Coach John Bejo

    This first relationship lifeshop is designed to address
    the most persistently destructive issues in every relationship:
    lack of communication, time mis-allocation, wrong priorities
    and poor emotional literacy.
    Relationship starts, thrives and multiplies in an environment
    where communication is nourishing, spontaneous and  authentic.
    Relationships that stop to communicate go into atrophy and die eventually.
    This lifeshop aims at initiating, improving and sustaining couple's relationship
    using meaningful conversation, life share and affirmation encounter.


    • People in relationships
    • Pre-marital preparation
    • Couples who want to strengthen their relationships 
    • Couples in crisis
    • Couples in post crisis rebuilding
    • Educators, teachers and relationship coaches

    Beginner - advanced
    We envision couples who support and encourages each other, living in general harmony according to God's design as destined by the Almighty Author of Life.
               This coaching workshop should:
    • Need #1: help individuals and couples re-examine their relationships in view their life goals.
    • Need #2: help them build, recover and rediscover their love romance.
    • Need #3: provide them with tools, strategies and activities in strengthening their relationships.
    • Need #4: transform the participants into free, loving "persons for others."

    Core Values
    • Love
    • Trust
    • Humility
    • Loyalty
    • Commitment
    Work Translation
    • Philosophy: While human communication is natural, there are those whose communication facilities as human beings were corrupted, were not fully developed; or worse, they evolved into something destructive.  Hence, we see broken relationships, families and individuals. Science, in the previous decades, identified this as lack of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and for more severe cases, as dysfunctions.
    • The good news is, while communication is natural, it is also an art and science. Meaning, we can learn and improve.
    • The tools and The process: For this two-three hour lifeshop, we'll use the usual session with a short talk about the importance of relationship and how to improve it using John Powel's Five (now 6) Levels of Communication and The Jesus' Healing Process.
    • The first topic we'll till the soil; the second we'll plant the seeds.
    • Sustainability:  This lifeshop is just part of the bigger module on relationship. The topics are wide and many. We will organize more of these. For those who need more focused attention, can enter into a separate life coaching program.

  • How Our SSID Could Change the World

    Life Coach John Bejo

    Here's a passive but effective way to clean 
    our frequencies and spread positivity.  
    When the broadband agent came to activate our internet, 
    she asked me for the initial
    SSID to use, I told her, "Thank you." 
    She asked again for the SSID. I said, "it's "ThankYou."

    She looked at me for a few seconds and uttered, 
    "Wow, beautiful..." 
    Then a smile slowly painted her lips.

    I understood her surprise and  esteem 
    of the simple words we used. 
    Most people use technical digits, 
    and some use offensive words for their SSID. 
    They are not aware that while they take pleasure 
    in their 'ingenuity' they spread violence 
    in subtle but effective ways.

    There are 171,476 words in the dictionary.  
    Picking up 3 to 5 good words for our SSID and passwords 
    could help clean our frequencies, 
    and probably change the world... little by little.

    What They Had to Say

    "This amazing man... I can truly attest to his inspiring stories and meaningful advises. He has been my mentor for years. He is just one message away when things about life worry me. I will always remember the day that we accidentally bumped with each other at a bus station. I felt so down at that time but through his words and wisdom I felt the relief that I needed. He has been listening to my mishaps in life for years and that is something admirable about him . Truly, more words can be attributed about Sir John, the one person who believed and has always been believing in me for decades.... The man of happYness and honor." - Sarah Amkmad, RN - Dublin, Ireland

    "A man with a genuine intention to help the soul and heal the heart. Sir John is a no nonsense life coach. He is armed with the right skills to help us manage life's ups and downs. Driven mainly by his unshakable faith in the Lord, he is blessed to help others realize how life is filled with endless possibilities. He is by far, one of the best and sincerest life coach around." - Joy Bayot, enterpreunuer


    Manila, Philippines



    +63 915 833 9383
    +63 932 5180 434


    +63 932 5180 434
    +63 915 833 9383