• The Eschatology of Online Lies

    "keyboard warriors," online trolls who get paid per post to sway people's opinions through incendiary comments. (Source: Franco Francisco) 

    Sorry at medyo harsh po  ito.

    Alam nyo ba na hindi po natutuwa ang Diyos sa mga bobo at mga mangmang?
    God is merciful but does not want to dispense mercy all the time.
    He prefers to dispense medals, awards and recognitions.
    He prefers to be proud of His children.

    God is a God of WISDOM not of trickeries, lies and ignorance.
    Pag bobo ang isang tao, mas madali siyang mauto ng demonyo.
    In fact, God's people, prophets and even His own Son were victims
    Of fooled, easily-manipulated people.
    Sila iyong mga taong madaling maniwala sa FakeNews
    At nagpapakalat ng FakeNews.

    Sinasabi ng iba, "Eh biktima rin lang naman sila ng fakenews!"
    Parang kawawa nga sila, but remember,
    'Sloth or laziness' is also a sin, one of the 7 capital sins.
    Tamad mag isip, tamad mag research, tamad mag click ng search,
    Tamad mag aral kung ano ang tama at mali.
    Theirs is a deadly sin of convenience.
    Theirs is a subtle sin of idolatry: sa kanila mas sinasamba ang tao kaysa Katotohanan.
    Ang totoong biktima po ng fakenews ay ang Diyos mismo.

    At ito pa, hindi lang sa 'hindi natutuwa ang Diyos sa kanila,'
    Galit pa talaga ang Diyos sa kanila.
    In fact, the books in the Bible were written
    To combat fakenews.

    At the heart of fakenews is
    Lucifer, the father of ALL lies.

    So, paki sabi po mga kaibigan at kamag-anak nating mahilig sa fakenews,
    Especially doon sa mga kamag-anak at kaibigan nating
    Empleyado ng mga  fakenews manufacturers at nagsasabi na
    "hanap  buhay lang po ito,"
    "Kaaway po ninyo ang Diyos ng Katotohan!"


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