• How Our SSID Could Change the World

    Life Coach John Bejo

    Here's a passive but effective way to clean 
    our frequencies and spread positivity.  
    When the broadband agent came to activate our internet, 
    she asked me for the initial
    SSID to use, I told her, "Thank you." 
    She asked again for the SSID. I said, "it's "ThankYou."

    She looked at me for a few seconds and uttered, 
    "Wow, beautiful..." 
    Then a smile slowly painted her lips.

    I understood her surprise and  esteem 
    of the simple words we used. 
    Most people use technical digits, 
    and some use offensive words for their SSID. 
    They are not aware that while they take pleasure 
    in their 'ingenuity' they spread violence 
    in subtle but effective ways.

    There are 171,476 words in the dictionary.  
    Picking up 3 to 5 good words for our SSID and passwords 
    could help clean our frequencies, 
    and probably change the world... little by little.

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