• Parenting the Lost Generation

    John Bejo

    Nasaan na nga ba Tayo?
    Nasaan na  mga batang naglalaro sa kalye?
    mga habulan at halakhak
    umaalingaw-ngaw noon sa mga kalsada?
    mga guitara na pinag-papasapasahan
    mga kabataan sa gilid ng tulay?

    na ang mga batang makukulit
    Na umaakyat sa mga puno ni Tatang?
    Nasaan na ang mga gabing ang mga kabataan
    naliligo sa sinag ng buwan?

    Nasaan na, nasaan na nga ba tayo?

    This 3 hour lifeshop goes straight to the heart of parenting.
    Who is the lost generation?
    Why are we experiencing a sudden spike of suicide cases?
    Are we helpless?
    What do successful parents do that unsuccessful parents don't do?

    Book with us and let's create impacts in the lives of both parents and children.
    Parenting is a serious business, a very serious, that's we need each other.

    Let's build this nation and start where this nation stands on.

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    What They Had to Say

    "This amazing man... I can truly attest to his inspiring stories and meaningful advises. He has been my mentor for years. He is just one message away when things about life worry me. I will always remember the day that we accidentally bumped with each other at a bus station. I felt so down at that time but through his words and wisdom I felt the relief that I needed. He has been listening to my mishaps in life for years and that is something admirable about him . Truly, more words can be attributed about Sir John, the one person who believed and has always been believing in me for decades.... The man of happYness and honor." - Sarah Amkmad, RN - Dublin, Ireland

    "A man with a genuine intention to help the soul and heal the heart. Sir John is a no nonsense life coach. He is armed with the right skills to help us manage life's ups and downs. Driven mainly by his unshakable faith in the Lord, he is blessed to help others realize how life is filled with endless possibilities. He is by far, one of the best and sincerest life coach around." - Joy Bayot, enterpreunuer


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