• Relationship Wellness: Teach Me How to Love You

    Life Coach John Bejo

    This first relationship lifeshop is designed to address
    the most persistently destructive issues in every relationship:
    lack of communication, time mis-allocation, wrong priorities
    and poor emotional literacy.
    Relationship starts, thrives and multiplies in an environment
    where communication is nourishing, spontaneous and  authentic.
    Relationships that stop to communicate go into atrophy and die eventually.
    This lifeshop aims at initiating, improving and sustaining couple's relationship
    using meaningful conversation, life share and affirmation encounter.


    • People in relationships
    • Pre-marital preparation
    • Couples who want to strengthen their relationships 
    • Couples in crisis
    • Couples in post crisis rebuilding
    • Educators, teachers and relationship coaches

    Beginner - advanced
    We envision couples who support and encourages each other, living in general harmony according to God's design as destined by the Almighty Author of Life.
               This coaching workshop should:
    • Need #1: help individuals and couples re-examine their relationships in view their life goals.
    • Need #2: help them build, recover and rediscover their love romance.
    • Need #3: provide them with tools, strategies and activities in strengthening their relationships.
    • Need #4: transform the participants into free, loving "persons for others."

    Core Values
    • Love
    • Trust
    • Humility
    • Loyalty
    • Commitment
    Work Translation
    • Philosophy: While human communication is natural, there are those whose communication facilities as human beings were corrupted, were not fully developed; or worse, they evolved into something destructive.  Hence, we see broken relationships, families and individuals. Science, in the previous decades, identified this as lack of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and for more severe cases, as dysfunctions.
    • The good news is, while communication is natural, it is also an art and science. Meaning, we can learn and improve.
    • The tools and The process: For this two-three hour lifeshop, we'll use the usual session with a short talk about the importance of relationship and how to improve it using John Powel's Five (now 6) Levels of Communication and The Jesus' Healing Process.
    • The first topic we'll till the soil; the second we'll plant the seeds.
    • Sustainability:  This lifeshop is just part of the bigger module on relationship. The topics are wide and many. We will organize more of these. For those who need more focused attention, can enter into a separate life coaching program.


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    What They Had to Say

    "This amazing man... I can truly attest to his inspiring stories and meaningful advises. He has been my mentor for years. He is just one message away when things about life worry me. I will always remember the day that we accidentally bumped with each other at a bus station. I felt so down at that time but through his words and wisdom I felt the relief that I needed. He has been listening to my mishaps in life for years and that is something admirable about him . Truly, more words can be attributed about Sir John, the one person who believed and has always been believing in me for decades.... The man of happYness and honor." - Sarah Amkmad, RN - Dublin, Ireland

    "A man with a genuine intention to help the soul and heal the heart. Sir John is a no nonsense life coach. He is armed with the right skills to help us manage life's ups and downs. Driven mainly by his unshakable faith in the Lord, he is blessed to help others realize how life is filled with endless possibilities. He is by far, one of the best and sincerest life coach around." - Joy Bayot, enterpreunuer


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    +63 932 5180 434
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