Vision:  We envision individuals who live their essences, who understand their gifts as designed by the Almighty in building the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Objectives: This coaching lifeshop should:
    1.  Help participants eliminate their limiting beliefs about life, money and relationships.
    2.  Motivate the participants to live their lives to the fullest as designed by our loving God.
    3.  Provide them with the right tools, venue to experience them and a mastermind support group.

    Work translation

    Philosophy:  It is easy to be boring nowadays. It’s easy to say that, ‘I was not lucky,’ or ‘I don’t want that anyway,’ or ‘It’s not for me,’ or ‘I’m busy with other things.’ But the fact is, those words are proven to be those of excusers. The fact is, we were made to shine, to excel and to be witnesses of God’s unbounded abundance.

    Sadly, most people simply live their lives like seagulls along the seashores of life. They allowed their limiting beliefs to dictate how to dream and what to dream.

    In the past few decades however, highly productive and successful people have found a new meaning to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, “Ask, Believe, Received.” (Matthew 21:22) This word together with “I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly,’(Jn. 10:10) vibrated with the words of several great minds of both ancient and modern times. The result is life changing – We can make our futures and we have the tools to make them possible.
    The tools: We have 3 powerful tools: Science, the Bible and personal experiences of the facilitators themselves. And the best news is: they all work.
    The process: The atmosphere of the workshop should be homely. If possible, we should eliminate anything that connotes work, classroom setup and inconvenience. This is possible with the physical arrangement of the training area. We’ll have life changing talks, sharing and meaningful activities. The approach will be personal, encouraging, convincing, entertaining at times and most especially intelligent.
    Sustainability: This should set the tone for  our long journey towards self-actualization. After the session, participants can consult the Life Coach for more individualized program.

    *photo credit: claritybusinesscoaching.co.uk


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    What They Had to Say

    "This amazing man... I can truly attest to his inspiring stories and meaningful advises. He has been my mentor for years. He is just one message away when things about life worry me. I will always remember the day that we accidentally bumped with each other at a bus station. I felt so down at that time but through his words and wisdom I felt the relief that I needed. He has been listening to my mishaps in life for years and that is something admirable about him . Truly, more words can be attributed about Sir John, the one person who believed and has always been believing in me for decades.... The man of happYness and honor." - Sarah Amkmad, RN - Dublin, Ireland

    "A man with a genuine intention to help the soul and heal the heart. Sir John is a no nonsense life coach. He is armed with the right skills to help us manage life's ups and downs. Driven mainly by his unshakable faith in the Lord, he is blessed to help others realize how life is filled with endless possibilities. He is by far, one of the best and sincerest life coach around." - Joy Bayot, enterpreunuer


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